APAC Technology Spend and Outlook Report

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The APAC Technology Spend and Outlook Report 2023 analyses the technology investment trends across the banking industry. It includes in-depth sector research as well as survey responses from selected APAC banks conducted in April to July 2023. Developed by The Asian Banker, the report aims to identify the key emerging trends in financial technology, the banking technology spending pattern in APAC including the current investments, challenges, priorities and future forecasts as well as the future technology roadmap in the rapidly evolving industry dynamics.

The report provides technology investment benchmarks alongside strategic guidelines for development of core technology, cloud adoption, data framework, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, and cybersecurity and fraud prevention in banks. It also shares how leading banks in APAC are enabling their businesses by driving technology transformation initiatives in these areas. Additionally, it provides insight into the evolving industry outlook, ongoing industry developments and changing competitive landscape and their impact on the technology transformation needs in banks.


The file is directly delivered into your account provided soon after online payment is received. The file contains one document, a pdf MS PowerPoint deck (50 slides)

The report includes:

1.Executive summary of key insight

2.Overview of the key emerging macro trends: This includes key emerging technology trends, growing power of fintech platforms and digital only banks and evolving industry dynamics in Asia

3.Trends in VC fintech investment: It includes recent VC fintech fundings across the globe as well as across countries in Asia. It also provides funding breakdown by sector

4.Bank technology spending: It analysis the annual technology spending trend by APAC banks, average technology spend per country and benchmarks on tech spending by leading banks and technology companies

5.Current key technology priorities and challenges for banks in APAC: This section focuses on current priorities in technology transformation in banks, key challenges and shares examples of some of the leading initiatives.

6.Key drivers in technology: This section focuses in-depth on digital transformation strategies and roadmap for future technology development across five key areas.


  • 1.Executive summary of key insight
  • 2.Key emerging macro trends
    • 2.1.Key emerging technology trends
    • 2.2. Growth of fintech platforms
    • 2.3. Growth of digital only banks
    • 2.4. Leaders in Asia
  • 3.VC investment in fintech
    • 3.1. Global VC fintech funding trend
    • 3.2. Asia VC fintech funding trend
    • 3.3.VC funding by sector
  • 4.Bank technology spending:
    • 4.1. Annual technology spending by APAC banks
    • 4.2. Average technology spending per country
    • 4.3.Tech spending by leading banks and technology players
    • 4.4.Estimated proportion of staff in technology
  • 5.Technology priorities and challenges in APAC banks
    • 5.1. Key technology priorities in 2022 and 2023
    • 5.2.Key challenges
    • 5.3.Leading recent initiatives
  • 6.Key drivers and strategies in technology transformation
    • 6.1. Digital transformation strategies
    • 6.2. Key strategies and roadmap in core transformation
    • 6.3.Trends and challenges in cloud transformation in banks
    • 6.4. Trends and drivers in building data framework
    • 6.5.Current focus and trends in AI development
    • 6.6.Development of cybersecurity and fraud risk framework
  • 7.Recommendations
  • Banks that want to evaluate their technology transformation and plan their technology spending focus and future transformation strategies
  • Technology companies, and fintechs interested in identifying trends in financial technology landscape in Asia, technology spending patterns in banks in APAC and evolving industry outlook
  • Researchers and Analysts in financial institutions, technology companies, fintech platforms, regulatory bodies, government agencies, external consultants, among others

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