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Over the last decade since the start of the fintech boom, the financial service sector has seen the rise of more than 100 stand-alone digital banks globally. They have transformed the way digitally inclined consumers save, borrow, transact and invest. Despite early hits and misses, the second generation of digital-only banks has emerged since 2014 to cater mainly to the younger and mobile-native clientele. But reckoning is coming. They now must prove that beyond a superior customer and user experience, they can also be profitable. This report provides a detailed analysis of the state of digital-only banks, based on the Global top 100 digital-only banks ranking and covers key insights that can be drawn from the ranking.

Publication date:

May 2022


The file is directly delivered into your account provided soon after online payment is received. The file contains two documents - a pdf MS PowerPoint deck (26 slides) and the associated data sheet in Excel format.

The report includes:

1.Aggregated analysis of key data points from the ranking

2.Analysis of the successes and failures of global digital-only banks in expanding beyond their home market

3.Insights into the rise of super challenger banks

4.Analysis of the rise of pan-Asian digital banks

5.Coverage on the prospects of digital-only banks in Hong Kong

6.Business cycle of digital-only banks

7.Success factors of profitable digital-only banks

This report answers:

1.What are the key success factors that digital-only banks need to consider to become successful?

2.What the profitable digital-only banks as of FY2021?

3.What are the current operational and financial benchmarks for digital-only banks?

4.What are the key global and regional developments in digital-only banking?

    • 1.Key findings from the Global Top 100 Digital-Only Banks Ranking
    • 2.Global top 10 digital-only banks
    • 3.Top 10 digital-only banks in North and South America
    • 4.Top 10 digital-only banks in North America and Europe
    • 5.Top 10 digital-only banks in Asia Pacific (APAC)
    • 6.Top 10 digital-only banks in Southeast Asia
    • 7.Top 10 digital-only banks in Middle East and Africa (MEA)
    • 8.Assets size and LDR ratio (FY2021)
    • 9.ROE and CIR ratio (FY2021)
    • 10.Top 10 most profitable digital-only banks (FY2021)
    • 11.Capital raising activities of top 10 leading digital-only banks (March 2020 – March 2022)
    • 12.Average revenue per user for top 15 digital-only banks (FY2021)
    • 13.Rise of super challenger banks: KakaoBank (SK), Nubank (BR), and Tinkoff (RU)
    • 14.Business cycle of digital-only banks
    • 15.Average cost of acquisition per user (FY2021)
    • 16.Key developments in the digital-only bank sector in Hong Kong
    • 17.Key success factors of profitable digital-only banks
    • 18.Developments to watch out in the digital-only bank sector
  • Investors, hedge funds and private equity players assessing the investment potential of digital-only banks
  • Digital-only banks that operate in any market and/or evaluate the opportunities to enter new markets
  • Researchers in financial institutions, regulatory bodies, government agencies and investment companies

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