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The Country Profile Data Report is a comprehensive compilation to provide an overview of the retail banking industry in the country, key competitors and regulations governing them. The report provides hard data on the country’s macroeconomic profile, size of the retail banking industry lending and deposits and importance of different lending products. We provide data on banks leading in each product and the changes in market share. You also get an overview of the areas that the banks in the country are focusing on in the near future in terms of business and operations.

The data report also includes individual bank profiles for the key competitors in the industry and incorporates information such as key executives, operational figures, and a SWOT analysis based on the rich repository of knowledge that TABInsights has built. Our library of profiles is updated on an ongoing basis.

Country Profile Data Reports for specific countries can be prepared on a request basis. For more information contact Mr. Jerome Ong at jong@theasianbanker.com

Publication date:

March 2022


The file is directly delivered into your account provided soon after online payment is received. The document is supported in Excel format and contains 70 tabs.

The report includes:

1.Country’s macroeconomic profile (2015-2023f)

2. Banking industry profile and digital profile (2015-2023f)

3. Analysis of the competitive landscape in retail and commercial banking

4. Industry retail payments (2015-2023f)

5. Industry retail financial performance (2015-2023f)

6. Industry retail assets and deposits (2015-2023f)

7. SME finance and market share data (2015-2023f)

8. Total assets under management (AUM) and market share data (2015-2023f)

9. Financial intermediation (2015-2023f)

10. Individual bank profiles (HSBC, HSB, SCB HK, BOC HK, Citi HK, BEA, Dah Sing Bank)

  • 1. Macroeconomic Profile

    • 1.1 Nominal GDP
    • 1.2 GDP per capita
    • 1.3 Consumer price index (CPI)
    • 1.4 Government debt
    • 1.5 Current account
    • 1.6 Fiscal balance
    • 1.7 Benchmark interest rate
    • 1.8 Currency exchange rate
    • 1.9 Total Population and bankable population
    • 1.10 Population demographics
  • 2. Bank and Digital Profile

    • 2.1 Total retail customer accounts
    • 2.2 Banking assets
    • 2.3 Mobile and smartphone subscription
    • 2.4 Computer penetration
    • 2.5 Internet users
    • 2.6 Mobile banking
    • 2.7 Total branches
    • 2.8 Market share of branches
    • 2.9 Total ATMs
    • 2.10 Market share of ATMs
    • 2.11 Digital banks
  • 3. Industry background

    • 3.1 Competitive landscape in Retail Financial Services (RFS)
    • 3.2 Competitive landscape for Corporate and Commercial Banking (CCB)
    • 3.3 Recent regulatory developments
  • 4.Industry Retail Payments

    • 4.1 Payment industry structure
    • 4.2 National micro payment platform
    • 4.3 Mobile wallets
    • 4.4 Total EFTPOS terminals
    • 4.5 Market share of EFTPOS terminals
    • 4.6 Debit cards in force
    • 4.7 Market share of debit cards
    • 4.8 Credit cards in force
    • 4.9 Market share of credit cards
  • 5.Industry Retail Revenue

    • 5.1 Total retail revenue
    • 5.2 Market share of retail revenue
    • 5.3 Market share of retail revenue
    • 5.4 Retail revenue contribution to total revenue
    • 5.5 Retail return on assets
    • 5.6 Retail fee income to total income
  • 6.Industry Retail Assets and Deposits

    • 6.1 Total retail loans and retail loan structure
    • 6.2 Market share of retail loans
    • 6.3 Total retail deposits
    • 6.4 Market share of retail deposits
    • 6.5 Total retail mortgages
    • 6.6 Market share of retail mortgages
    • 6.7 Total personal loans
    • 6.8 Market share of personal loans
    • 6.9 Total credit card outstanding balances
    • 6.10 Market share of credit cards outstanding balances
  • 7. SME Finance

    • 7.1 Total SME loans
    • 7.2 Market share of SME loans
  • 8. Wealth Management

    • 8.1 Total wealth management AUM
    • 8.2 Market share of wealth management AUM
  • 9. Financial Intermediation

    • 9.1 Financial Intermediation
  • 10. Individual Bank Profiles

    • Business profile
    • Retail financial/operational pofile
    • Distributional profile
    • Key executives SWOT analysis
    • 10.1HSBC
    • 10.2Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong)
    • 10.3Hang Seng Bank
    • 10.4Bank of China (Hong Kong)
    • 10.5Citibank (Hong Kong)
    • 10.6Bank of East Asia
    • 10.7Dah Sing Bank
  • Investors, hedge funds, private equity players etc. assessing the investment potential of the banking industry in specific countries.
  • Banks evaluating, entering, expanding, offering a service in the country.
  • Non-Banking Financial Institutions evaluating the retail banking market for financial services
  • Researchers in financial institutions, regulatory bodies, government agencies and investment companies.
  • Vendors considering the market potential for technology investments in the country.

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