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China Private Wealth Outlook 2024

July 2024
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China’s wealth market has quickly grown to become the world’s second largest. It is expected to return to its growth trajectory in 2024, with a total value of $100 trillion by 2025. However, the wealth management market, especially for the private wealth sector, encountered major setbacks due to stock market volatility and a decline in real estate values and continued outflow of capital from HNWI.
These issues, together with regulatory changes, have spurred significant transformation among Chinese wealth managers to react to rising challenges and industry reshuffles.  Competition within the sector has intensified as financial institutions, particularly private banks, compete for a bigger market share. Larger institutions are solidifying their position, leveraging stability and quality to attract clients amid uncertainty.

This report aims to address the current state and future prospects of China's private wealth management sector. Despite recent setbacks such as market volatility and a downturn in real estate values, the sector is expected to grow significantly. The report highlights the transformation driven by regulatory changes, the rise of mutual funds, and the need for wealth managers to adapt through innovative strategies and enhanced client-centric services.

Survey date:
January to February 2024
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The report includes:
1. Market growth and projections: Despite recent market volatility, China's wealth management sector is poised for substantial growth, with assets expected to exceed $100 trillion by 2025.
2. Wealth preservation and succession planning: High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) in China are prioritising wealth preservation, succession planning, and seeking diversified services.
3. Regulatory changes and Market Transformation: Significant regulatory changes are driving the transformation of the wealth management market, encouraging a shift towards standardised and transparent financial products.
4. Rise of mutual funds and diversified investments: There is a notable shift in investment preferences towards mutual funds and alternative investments like private equity and hedge funds.
5.Digital transformation and innovation: The adoption of AI-driven platforms and robo-advisors is reshaping wealth management practices, emphasising the importance of personalised advice and operational efficiency.

1. Chinese wealth management industry facing major transformation

  1.1  China’s wealth landscape

  1.2  Trust companies in China: Still mired in troubles

  1.3  Mutual funds: becoming the most popular investment products

   1.4  Private banks in China: flight to safety and quality intensifies

2. Wealth preservation and protection prioritized in China in 2024

    2.1      Challenges facing the wealth management industry

    2.2      Wealth management strategies and innovations for wealth preservation 

3.The top performers in China’s wealth industry in 2023 Conclusion


  • Wealth management professionals who seek insights on the latest trends, regulatory changes, and growth projections within China's wealth management sector.
  • Financial institutions and private banks that aim to develop strategies for wealth preservation, succession planning, and investment diversification for the Chinese market.
  • Investors and financial analysts for data-driven analysis on market opportunities, emerging trends, and the competitive landscape within China's rapidly growing wealth management industry.

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