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BankQuality India Report 2024

Key findings in consumer satisfaction with financial institutions

April 2024
USD 600

The India BankQuality™️ Consumer Survey (BQS) and Rankings rely on responses from a representative online survey of 1009 customers in India, conducted between January and February 2024. Developed by TABInsights, this digital consumer feedback channel aims to gauge customers' engagement, experience, and satisfaction with their retail financial service providers based on factors such as services, channels, products, and the current cost-of-living crisis.
The report includes BQS scores and rankings for banks, digital-only banks, and platforms in India, as well as a focus on product and channel categories. Additionally, it provides insight into the positive and negative factors influencing customer experience, as viewed from the perspective of the consumers themselves.
Survey date:
January to February 2024

The file is directly delivered into your account provided soon after online payment is received. The file contains one document, a pdf MS PowerPoint deck (37 slides)

The report includes:
1. Overview of the methodology and survey demographics
2. Banked population in India (2014 – 2023e)
3. Executive summary
4. BankQuality Consumer Score: This includes the categories banks, digital-only banks, & platforms
5. Leading retail banks with the most relevant offers
6. BankQuality Product Score: This includes CASA accounts, digital wallets, credit cards, home loans, personal loans, car loans, local fund transfers, international remittances, time deposits, personal loans, home loans, investment products, non-life, and life insurances
7. BankQuality Channel Score: This includes mobile banking, personal financial management tools (PFMs), internet banking, chatbot, social media and branch banking
8. Factors contributing to a negative and positive customer experience as stated by consumers.

  • 1. Survey methodology, goal and demographics
  • 2. Executive summary
  • 3. Most recommended retail bank
  • 4. Most recommended digital bank
  • 5. Most recommended platform
  • 6. Leading retail banks with the most relevant offers
  • 7. BQS product score
  •      a. CASA accounts
  •      b. Digital wallets
  •      c. Credit cards
  •      d. Local fund transfers
  •      e. International remittances
  •      f. Time deposits
  •      g. Personal loans
  •      h. Home loans
  •      i. Investment products
  •      j. Non-life insurance
  •      k. Life insurance
  •     8. BQS channel score
  •      a. Mobile banking
  •      b. Internet banking
  •      c. Phone banking
  •      d. Chatbot services
  •      e. Branch banking
  •     9. Factors contributing to a positive and negative customer experience in India
  •  Banks that want to evaluate their consumer rating in their market of operation
  •  Non-banking financial institutions and fintechs interested in understanding their consumer ratings in their market of operation
  •  Researchers in financial institutions, regulatory bodies, government agencies and investment companies

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